Thursday, January 22, 2009

Current Calls for Papers and Late Antiquity

Nis and Byzantium - VIII
"In the memory of Academician PhD Dejan Medakovic"
International Symposium, University of Nis, 3-5 June 2009.

"The intention of the Symposium organizers is to contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the Early-Christian, Byzantine, and Post-Byzantine past of Nis, as well as of its reverberations to the later spiritual, cultural and artistic creative endeavors in Nis and its surrunding area, the Balkans and Europe. This would imply the interdisciplinary approach and the participation of art historians, historians, architects, archaeologists, classical philologists, literature-historians, theologians, philosophers". For more...
Episcopal Elections in Late Antiquity (ca. 250 - ca. 600 A.D.)
International Conference, Faculty of Theology Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 26-28 October 2009. 

"It is well known that episcopal elections in the later Roman Empire were often a complicated and complicating event, as the controversy (and even violence) attendant upon the elections and successions of many bishops indicates. This conference will approach the phenomenon of episcopal elections and succession from the broadest possible perspective, examining the varied combination of factors, personalities, rules and habits that played a role in the process that eventually resulted in one specific candidate becoming the new bishop, and not another. The many diverse and even conflicting aspects of this phenomenon will be adressed : the influence of doctrinal conflicts, the relationship between Church and State, patronage, local habits and regional differences, chronological developments, ethnic identity. Also relevant is the development of images of the ideal bishop, especially the manner in which such idealized representations shaped the outcome of contested elections and affected the character and exercise of episcopal authority in late antique society". For more...