Saturday, January 10, 2009

Late Antiquity in the American Journal of Archaeology (issue 113.1, January 2009)

In "Astral Path to Soul Salvation in Late Antiquity ? The Orientation of Two Late Roman Imperial Mausolea from Eastern Serbia", Dragana Mladenovic (St. Hugh's College, University of Oxford) advocates an archaeoastronomical approach to interpreting the orientation of two Late Antique mausolea in eastern Serbia. 

In "Tracing Late Roman Rural Occupation in Adriatic Central Italy", Hélène Verreyke and Frank Vermeulen (Ghent University, Belgium) examine Late Antique rural occupation and changing settlement patterns in central Adriatic Italy. 

To come in the next issue (April 2009) :
Michelle L. Berenfeld examines the Late Antique Triconch House at Aphrodisias within its local urban environment and the wider context of housing in the later Roman empire.