Friday, March 20, 2009

Journal of Late Antiquity, Last issue (Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 2009)

Table of Contents

From the Editor [Abstract]
Ralph Mathisen, pp. 1-2

Why Did the Barbarian Cross the Rhine ? [Abstract]
Peter Heather, pp. 3-29

407 and All That : Insular Late Roman Historiography and the Literary-Historical Turn [Abstract]
Mark Vessey, pp. 30-48

Christian Asceticism and Barbarian Incursion : The Making of a Christian Catastrophe [Abstract]
Stefan Rebenich, pp. 49-59

Poetic Creativity and Political Crisis in Early Fifth-Century Gaul [Abstract]
Neil B. McLynn, pp. 60-74

407 and All That : Retrospective [Abstract]
Bryan Ward-Perkins, pp. 75-78

Interpreting Catastrophe : Disasters in the Works of Pseudo-Joshua the Stylite, Socrates Scholasticus, Philostorgius, and Timothy Aelurus [Abstract]
Edward Watts, pp. 79-98

Rewriting Julian's Legacy : John Chrysostom's On Babylas and Libanius' Oration 24 [Abstract]
Christine Shepardson, pp. 99-115

"Carmina autem quaecumque in laudem dei dicuntur hymni vocantur" (Isidore of Seville, De ecclesiasticis officiis 1.6) [Abstract]
Michael Richter, pp. 116-130

Donatism Revisited : Moderates and Militants in Late Antique North Africa [Abstract]
Peter Iver Kaufman, pp. 131-142

What Have Elephants to Do with Sixth-Century Politics ? : A reappraisal of the "Official" Governmental Dossier of Cassiodorus [Abstract]
Shane Bjornlie, pp. 143-171

Ammianus Marcellinus : The Allusive Historian (review) [Abstract]
Robert M. Frakes, pp. 172-174

El final de las "villae" en "Hispania" (siglos IV-VII D.C.) (review) [Abstract]
Damian Fernandez, pp. 174-176

Konflikt und Anpassung : Studien zu Migration und Ethnogenese der Vandalen (review) [Abstract]
Peter Turner, pp. 176-178

Eusebius von Caesarea, De Vita Constantini, Über das Leben Konstantins (review) [Abstract]
Aryeh Kofsky, pp. 178-180

Brief Notes [Abstract]
p. 180