Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nation, Group & Religion in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, Princeton, April 16-18, 2009

Group for the Study of Late Antiquity. 
Organisers : Peter Brown, Helmut Reimitz. 

Dickinson Hall 210 and 211 (Friday and Saturday)

Thursday, April 16 

4:30-6:00 Walter Pohl (University of Vienna / Austrian Academy of Sciences), Building a Christian World of Nations in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle

Friday, April 17

9-10:30 Mountain Constantines
Moderator : Megan Williams (University of San Francisco)
Christina Maranci (University of Milwaukee), Art and Ambiguity at the Church of Zuart'noc'
Christopher Haas (Villanova University), Shifting Religious Adherence and Geo-Political Competition in the Fifth and Sixth Centuries : Vakhtang Gorgasali of Iberia and Yusuf As'ar Yath'ar of Himyar

11-12:30 : Out of the West
Moderator : Shane Bjornlie (Claremont College, Los Angeles)
Catherine McKenna (Harvard University), When Was Wales ? 
Angela Gleason (Princeton University), What Gall ? Naming Foreigners in Early Medieval Ireland


14:00-15:30 : Communities in conflict
Moderator : Glen Bowersock
Hagith Sivan (University of Kansas), "Wherefore Do We Fast ?" Dialectical Dating in Late Ancient Palestine
Volker Menze (University of Münster), Ecclesiastical Diptychs, Sacramental Communities and St. Paul : Non-Chalcedonian Religious Identities in the Sixth Century

16:00 : Community, reciprocity and boundaries
Moderator : Michael Maas (Rice University)
Kate Cooper (University of Manchester), Truth, Blood, and Victory : Strategies of distinction and hypotheses of belonging in the fifth-century West
Stefan Esders (Freie Universität Berlin), Controlling social mobility and adjusting ethnicity : The concept of 'advena' in the Early Medieval West

17:45 : Helmut Reimitz (Princeton University)

Saturday, April 18

9-10:30 : Out of Africa 
Moderator : Patricia Crone (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)
George Hatke (Princeton University), Holy Land and Sacred History : A View from early Ethiopia
Petra Sijpastijn (Universiteit Leiden), Becoming Egyptian : Culture and Ethnicity in early Islamic Egypt

11-12:30: Romans in retrospect
Moderator : Albrecht Diem (University of Syracuse)
Maya Maskarinec (Austrian Academy of Sciences), Shifting Scripts of Romanness : Eutropius' Breviarium in Early Medieval Italy
Conrad Leyser (Worcester College, Oxford University), The Making of Christian Europe and the memory of pope Gregory the Great

12:30: Peter Brown (Princeton University)