Saturday, March 7, 2009

Translation and Christianisation - Origins of the Latin and Syriac Commentary Tradition, Cardiff, 11-12 September 2009

This workshop is planned under the auspices of a CLARC (Centre for Late Antique Religion & Culture) project funded by the British Arts and Humanities Research Council entitled Christianisation, Translation and Transformation in Late-Antique Commentary Culture : The Emergence of the Latin and Syriac Commentary Traditions. The project is concerned with the appropriation of late antique philosophical culture by Christians, and the importance of commentaries and translations from Greek in the Latin and Syriac (as also Syriac-Arabic) linguistic realms. Around 12 papers are envisaged over the two days, approximately six on each 'side' (Western and Eastern), allowing 30 minutes for the paper and 15 minutes discussion. There is no call for papers. A provisional programme and further information concerning the venue and the workshop itself will be published on the CLARC site shortly. 
Contact : Dr. John Watt ( and Dr. Josef Lössl (