Monday, May 11, 2009

Translation and linguistic mediation in the late antique and medieval empires of the East, Oxford, 20.05.09

Wednesday 20 May 2009. Corpus Christi College, Seminar Room. 

Morning (from 9.30 am) : Transfer of Classical Knowledge
  • Sebastian Brock (Oxford), From Aesop to Aristotle : Syriac tastes in Greek literature (resp. Claudia Rapp)
  • Peter Pormann (Warwick), The formation of medical Arabic : translating terms, incorporating concepts (resp. Simon Swain)
  • Benjamin Jokisch (Freiburg), Legal translation in the early Abbasid caliphate (resp. Caroline Humfress)
Afternoon (from 2.30 pm) : Administration and Trade
  • Denise Aigle (Paris), Multilingualism in the Mongol empire : diplomatic practice (resp. Judith Pfeiffer)
  • Peter Bang (Copenhagen), 'Lost in translation' - the Roman Bazaar and the organisation of trade in a multilingual empire (resp. Andrew Wilson)
  • Roger Bagnall, Conclusions
Attendance at the workshop is free (including a sandwich lunch) ; but all who wish to attend must, by Friday 15 May, inform 

The workshop is organised by Arietta Papaconstantinou, and supported by the John Fell Fund, the Corpus Classics Centre, and the Oxford Centre for Late Antiquity. 

Source : OCLA