Saturday, May 9, 2009

Visualising Late Antiquity Workshop 1 : Law Courts in Late Antiquity, King's College, London, 6 June, 2009

A one day workshop of the Universities of Kent and London (King's College). 


11.00-11.30 Luke Lavan (Kent), Reconstructing Everyday Life in Late Antiquity : Potential and Problems
11.40-12.40 Luke Lavan (Kent), Visiting the Courts in Late Antiquity : an Overview
14.00-14.40 Sebastian Rascon (Madrid), A Law Court at Complutum : a Virtual Reality Approach
14.40-15.20 Caroline Lawrence, A Law Court at Ostia : Acting a 'Roman Mysteries' scene for the BBC

16.00-16.30 Jon Conyard (Comitatus), Dressing for Court in Late Antiquity : Experiments in Replica Reconstruction
16.30-17.00 Caroline Humfress (Birkbeck), Respondant
17.00-17.30 Discussion

Room details : Council Room (K2.29), near the chapel, on the first floor of King's (Strand Campus), the Strand, London, WC2R 2LS. 
Entrance is free, though places are limited. To reserve a place please email Michael Mulryan on