Saturday, September 12, 2009

Istanbul Symposium : Some Suggested Panels and Paper Topics

Source : BSANA Listserv forward from Dorothy Abrahamse, California State University, Long Beach.

Here is a reminder from Al Andrea of The World History Association :

From Alfred J. Andrea
Vice President, The World History Association

Istanbul Symposium : Some Suggested Panels and Paper Topics
As the 1 October deadline nears for proposals for the symposium "Byzantine and Ottoman Civilizations in World History" to be held in Istanbul, 21-24 October 2010, the program committee thought it appropriate to suggest some panel and/or paper topics to persons still wondering whether or not to offer a proposal. This list of suggestions represents only a small fraction of possible topics, but it might help some colleagues to understand better what the organizers mean by "world history". Persons who still might be unclear whether or not a particular topic is "world historical" should consult the panel/paper proposal form, a link to which can be found on the top of the World History Association home page at There they will find a short definition of world history. All proposals, by the way, should be submitted electronically and on this form to the WHA. Simply download it, fill it out, and e-mail the file to with the subject heading "Istanbul Symposium Proposal".

Suggested topics :
Byzantines and/or Turks in the literature of World History
Constantinople/Istanbul as a Global City
Byzantium and/or Ottoman Empire and the steppe peoples
Byzantium and/or Ottoman Empire and the European West
Byzantium and Islam
The Ottoman Empire and Christendom beyond its borders
Byzantium and/or Ottoman Empire and the Slavic World
Byzantium and/or Ottoman Empire and the Silk Road(s)
Slaves from Afar : Byzantium and/or Ottoman Empire and the Slave Trade
Organizing and Deploying Multi-Cultural Armed Forces : A Comparative Study of Byzantine and Ottoman Military History
Byzantines and Ottomans : Intellectual, Cultural, and artistic transmissions before and after 1453
Byzantine and Ottoman Empires : continuities and discontinuities
The Mediterranean and the Byzantine and/or Ottoman World
Byzantine/Ottoman long-distance travelers
Courtly women and transregional connections
Byzantine and/or Ottoman peasants and artisans and the larger world
(N.B. such phenomena as migration, relocation, resttlement, and conquests provide a rich avenue though which to integrate Anatolian peasants into world history)
A comparative study of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires
Magic and prophecies across borders and cultures.