Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kalamazoo CFP : Art History on the Edge : Art and Architecture in the Provinces of the Medieval World(s)

In this session of the 2010 International Congress of Medieval Studies (Kalamazoo, MI), the term medieval is construed globally and broadly chronologically (Late Antiquity through Late Medieval). Submissions from all periods and areas of the medieval world are welcome. Please send questions and 300-word abstracts by September 15th to :

Karen Britt, University of Louisville

Art History in the Edge : Art and Architecture in the Provinces of the Medieval World(s) :

In the first half of the twentieth century, a centralized model of interpretation dominated scholarship on medieval art. That is, the art and architecture of kingdoms and empires, including the provinces, were examined almost exclusively in light of their relationship to a capital city. In the past fifty years, we have witnessed the emergence of a multiplicity of approaches to the interpretation of art and architecture in the provinces. A much more fluid and dynamic relationship in artistic trends between the center and periphery has been acknowledged. Further, the recognition that their geographical location along 'edges' frequently put provinces in contact with other cultures and traditions has led to an interest in the cross-cultural exchange which frequently occurred in these regions. The aim of this session is to bring together scholars of all periods and regions of medieval art in order to consider the connections, commonalities, and differences between seemingly disparate cultures. Through a wide-ranging and interdisciplinary discussion, it will be demonstrated that changes in the perception of the provinces as well as the approaches to art and architecture created in these regions have broad implications for how we interpret and understand artistic and architectural developments throughout the medieval world(s).

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Source : Ralph Mathisen, LT-ANTIQ list.