Friday, April 2, 2010

Words and Things: Texts and Archaeology in Late Antiquity, Cornell University, April 16-17, 2010

Constructing Religious Change (April 16, 2010, AM) 
Cynthia Baker (Bates College), On the Matter of Jews: An Object Lesson in Historiography 
Claire Sotinel (Paris 12 Créteil), Measuring Christianity in the Roman city 
Dennis Trout (University of Missouri), Cosmas and Damian in the Forum Romanum: Evidence and Narrative

Constructing Identities (April 16, 2010, PM) 
Roger Bagnall (New York University), Texts on Objects: the Role of Provenance in Interpreting Textual Finds from Excavation 
Michael Kulikowski (University of Tennessee), Murranus: Transcending Barbarism in the Later Roman Empire
Noel Lenski (University of Colorado), Chained to our Evidence: Slavery, Sources, and Shackles in the Late Roman West
Christophe Goddard (CNRS/New York University), Texts and Archaeology at the Syrian Sanctuary on the Janiculum

Word and Image (April 17, 2010, AM) 
Michael Roberts (Wesleyan University), Pompa Rerum, Pompa Verborum : Style and Ceremony in Late Latin Poetry 
Jas Elsner (Oxford University), Sacrifice in Late Roman Art 
Lea Stirling (University of Manitoba), Selecting and Viewing Late Antique Artworks : Seeking Commonality and Regional Differences Through Texts and Objects 

Beyond Words and Things (April 17, 2010, PM) 
Cam Grey (University of Pennsylvania), Stuck in the Middle: Between Grand Theory and the Case Study in the Countrysides of Late Antiquity 
John Moreland (Sheffield University), 'Textual' communities in early medieval England