Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Study Day in Memory of Professor Ihor Ševčenko, University of Oxford, 27 November 2010

St. Catherine's Monastery on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt
Copyright : Joonas Plaan, 2008.
Source: Oxford Centre for Late Antiquity. Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies, University of Oxford. 

This meeting, held in memory of the late Professor Ihor Ševčenko of Harvard University, is intended to focus attention within the scholarly community on the conservation work currently being carried out on the important collection of ancient and medieval manuscripts housed in the library of St. Catherine's Monastery at Mount Sinai.This conservation work is organized and funded by the St. Catherine's Foundation. The lectures listed below are being given, many by colleagues at Oxford, to commemorate the contribution made to the study of the Sinai monastery by Ihor Ševčenko. He was a member of the St. Catherine's Foundation, as well as past Visiting Fellow of both All Souls and Wolfson Colleges, Oxford and member of the Editorial Board of Oxford Studies in Byzantium. A memorial fund in his name will be announced for the conservation of Sinai's early Slavonic manuscripts in which he was particularly interested. 

10:00 Prof. Dr. Peter Grossmann (Cairo), The Sinai monastery that Justinian built
10:40 Prof. Cyril Mango (Oxford), Ihor Ševčenko and the Sinai Monastery 
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Prof. Nicholas Pickwoad (London), The Programme of MS Conservation at Sinai 
12:00 Dr. Lukas Schachner (Oxford), Book & other Production in Early Byzantine Monasteries 
12:30 Lunch 
2:00 Mr. Nigel Wilson (Oxford), Byzantine Libraries 
2:30 Dr. Nancy Ševčenko (Vermont), MSS copied at Sinai 
3:00 Dr. Georgi Parpulov (Oxford), Greek and Latin MSS at Sinai 
3:30 Tea
4:00 Dr. Sebastian Brock (Oxford), Syriac, Ethiopic and Arabic MSS at Sinai 
4:30 Prof. Robert Thomson (Oxford), Georgian, Caucasian Albanian & Armenian MSS at Sinai 
5:00 Dr. C.M. MacRobert (Oxford), Slavonic MSS at Sinai
5:30 The Ihor Ševčenko Memorial Fund 
6:30 Ashmolean Museum, Reception 

Study Day supported by St. Catherine's Foundation, Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research, and Oxford Centre for Late Antiquity. For further information, write to : cyril.mango@exeter.ox.ac.uk or marlia.mango@arch.ox.ac.uk