Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Patricia H. Imbesi St. Augustine Fellowship, Spring 2014

Source: NAPS, The North American Patristics Society.

The Patricia H. Imbesi Saint Augustine Fellow of Villanova University seeks to foster scholarship, whether in Augustine or in the Augustinian Tradition. As an Augustinian Catholic university – founded in 1842 by the Order of Saint Augustine—Villanova has always sought to promote the study of Saint Augustine, both within the university and beyond. The university’s curriculum is shaped by an Augustinian vision, as articulated in the distinctive Augustinian words found on the Seal of the University: Veritas, Unitas, Caritas.

The academic commitment to the Augustinian tradition is evident in the publication of the journal Augustinian Studies, in the curricular initiatives that enhance its Augustinian character, and by sponsoring lectures, conferences, discussion groups, etc. that bring the Augustinian tradition into dialogue with present-day issues.

The Patricia H. Imbesi Saint Augustine Fellow seeks to foster scholarship in Augustine or in the Augustinian Tradition by sharing with other dedicated scholars. This fellowship thus seeks to enhance cooperation among scholars so as to build a community of scholars.

Hence, Villanova University invites a scholar to campus each Spring semester – a scholar who has a doctoral degree but is not yet tenured. Recipients of the Patricia H. Imbesi Saint Augustine Fellowship will participate in the work of the Augustinian Institute:

By interacting with faculty to enhance the Augustinian quality of the experience;
By presenting 2 colloquia with faculty/graduate students on some aspect of St. Augustine’s thought or influence;
By giving a public lecture and a faculty colloquium on their present research;
By participating in the work-in-progress of the Augustinian Institute
Applicants for a Patricia H. Imbesi Saint Augustine Fellow will submit a current curriculum vitae, a brief essay describing the research project to be pursued while at Villanova and a proposal for two upper-level seminars that they want to lead. Two letters of recommendation should also be submitted separately to the Augustinian Institute. The application process will be completed on-line (through the Villanova University Human Resources site) once the job is posted. https://jobs.villanova.edu/

Stipend and Accommodations:
The semester stipend for a St. Augustine Fellow will be $30,000. Housing and limited medical benefits will be provided by Villanova University.

Selection Process:
All applications will be reviewed by a Selection Committee which will weigh the quality of the proposal and the merits of the proposed contributions.