Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Antioch Day, at the Center for the Study of Early Christianity, Catholic University of America, 20 March 2009

Dr Isabella Sandwell (University of Bristol) holds a Fellowship at Dumbarton Oaks this Spring semester. She is the author of Religious identity in Late Antiquity : Greeks, Jews and Christians in Antioch (Cambridge University Press, 2007). To coincide with her visit to Washington, we are presenting a day of seminars on Antioch in Late Antiquity. Other contributors will be Dr Raffaella Cribione (New York University), author of The School of Libanius in Late Antique Antioch (Princeton University Press, 2007), Dr Blake Leyerle (University of Notre-Dame), author of Theatrical Shows and Ascetic Lives : John Chrysostom's Attack on Spiritual Marriage (University of California Press, 2001), Dr Wendy Mayer (Australian Catholic University), author of The Homelies of St John Chrysostom (Pontificio Istituto Orientale, 2005), Dr Jaclyn Maxwell (Ohio University, Athens), author of Christianization and Communication : John Chrysostom and Lay Christians in Antioch (Cambridge University Press, 2007), Dr Christina Shepardson (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), author of Anti-Judaism and Christian Orthodoxy : Ephrem's Hymns in Fourth-Century Syria (Catholic University of America Press, forthcoming) and Dr Robin Darling Young (University of Notre-Dame), author of In Procession before the World : Martyrdom as Public Liturgy in Early Christianity (Marquette University Press, 2001). 

The seminars will be open to scholars and graduate students in the Washington area and free f charge ; but we ask that guests signal their intention of coming, so that we can arrange for catering. 

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Jaclyn Maxwell (Ohio university)
Shifting Attitudes toward Education and Social Class
Raffaella Cribione (New York University)
Libanius, Oration 63 : A Contested Inheritance from a Christian Friend
Isabella Sandwell (University of Bristol and Dumbarton Oaks)
Homelies on Genesis (long series) : Chrysostom and his audience
Christine Shepardson (University of Tennessee)
Simply Orthodox : Exploiting the Urban/Rural Divide in Fourth-Century Antioch
Blake Leyerle (University of Notre-Dame) 
Sewage and Refuse in the Thought of John Chrysostom
Wendy Mayer (Australian Catholic University)
More than a Martyrium : the Church of St Babylas in Antioch Revisited
Robin Darling Young (University of Notre-Dame)
The Allure of Daphne

Source. Photo above : Panoramic view of Antioch from Saint Pierre Church, Turkey. Copyright : Onur Volkan Hatem 2003.