Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CFP: "ROMANES EUNT DOMUS", or the Archaeology of Resistance, A proposal for an AIA Colloquium, San Antonio, January 6-9, 2011

Finding evidence for (cultural) resistance has been a part of archaeological and art historical research since the inception of these disciplines. Despite the application of multiple models and a wide variety of approaches, however, there is little consensus on how to identify resistance in the material record. The purpose of this panel is to continue this discussion from the perspective of the Mediterranean and Near Eastern worlds (ca. 2000 BCE-500 CE). The evidence of this region includes well-documented wars and revolts, but also lesser known settings of potential resistance such as colonies, displaced communities, liminal areas and frontiers, religious groups, and subaltern identities. Within this framework, we hope that a cross-cultural perspective will allow us to start developing a methodology for identifying resistance in the material record. 

For the purpose of this panel we employ a broad definition of resistance, including passive and active rejection of prevailing social norms as well as challenges to ruling powers. We ask: when is persistence of local style or traditions a form of resistance ? How can we identify everyday subversive acts through dress, eating habits, and other patterns of consumption ? How is architecture used to create alternative spaces ? Why do textually documented wars not always appear in the archaeological record ? How is the past used in the present ? Should unselfconscious counter-narratives be considered resistance ? Other areas of inquiry might include religion, the body, space, the everyday, theory, gender politics, ancestors, diasporas, visual culture, historiography, and the post-colonial. 

Despite the title, we do not focus only on the Roman Empire but welcome any contributions concerning the Mediterranean and Near East. 

Organizers : 
Lidewijde de Jong (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Robyn Le Blanc (UNC-Chapel Hill) 
Lindsey Mazurek (Duke University) 

Please submit your abstract, including your contact information, presentation title, length of time requested (15 or 20 minutes) by March 12 (2010) to archaeology.resistance@gmail.com. The abstract in English must not exceed 250 words and should conform to the AIA Style Guidelines . Updates can be found at http://humanitieslab.stanford.edu/deJong/Home Please send any questions to: archaeology.resistance@gmail.com. 

Contact info: 
Lindsey Mazurek 
Expire date : March 12, 2010