Saturday, April 28, 2012

On Friday 4 May 2012, the ‘Last Statues of Antiquity (LSA)’ database goes live at Here you will find a searchable, and freely available, database of all the statuary set up after AD 284 that was new, newly dedicated, or newly reworked. The database contains over 2600 items (statuary itself, inscribed bases, and literary references to new statues).

All are invited to the launch of the LSA database, at 5pm on Friday 4 May 2012 in the Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies, 66 St Giles’, Oxford. At the launch there will be a brief presentation of the wider research project into the new statuary of Late Antiquity, and a demonstration of the database.

This will be followed by a reception.

The Last Statues of Antiquity project was funded by a major grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council. It was directed by R.R.R. Smith and Bryan Ward-Perkins, with major research by Ulrich Gehn, Julia Lenaghan, Carlos Machado, and many other collaborators.