Wednesday, December 30, 2009

CFP: Sacred Space, Sacred Memory : Bishop-Saints and their Cities, Tours (France), 10-12 June, 2010

Pour la version française de l'appel à communication, voir Calenda.
Keynote speaker : Maureen Miller, University of California Berkeley.

The history of many European cities was shaped by one or more saintly figures whose ties to the city -- real or imagined -- had both spiritual and tangible consequences. The topography of the city, its economy, its institutions, its liturgy, its reputation, and even its inhabitants' sense of civic pride, could all be shaped by and were dependent upon an idiosyncratic understanding of the saint's association with the city. The figure of the bishop-saint, moreover, bestowed with extraordinary spiritual and temporal prerogatives, represents a distinctive type which this conference seeks to address. What was his impact on religious, political, and cultural practices and institutions in a given city ? What are some of the privileges associated with promoting his cult ? In what ways do local claims on the bishop-saint evince tensions on a regional/national level or between elites and the masses ? Possible perspectives on these and other related issues may include, but are not restricted to, liturgy, music, hagiography, art history, theology, history, and palaeography.

The conference organizers are soliciting abstracts for individual papers and proposals for complete sessions for its 2010 Conference, and are inviting scholars from a wide variety of disciplines to offer their perspectives on issues coinciding with the Conference's theme. Ideally, papers will deal with different parts of the world and address periods ranging from Late Antiquity to the present. Abstracts in French or English of 300 words or less for a 20-minute paper should be emailed to Christine Bousquet ( or to Yossi Maurey ( no later than 30 January, 2010. Authors of accepted papers will be responsible for their own travel costs and conference registration fee (reduced for students and post-docs).

The conference is sponsored by the Université François-Rabelais de Tours, and by Le Studium Program committee : Christine Bousquet (University of Tours) and Yossi Maurey (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem / Le Studium).